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NGI Mapping Tools

As NGI research efforts progress, spatial data and information can be explored through this gateway for a more in-depth look at ongoing projects for the Northern Gulf Institute.

Subaquatic Vegetation Site [EDAC]

Data showing the location of Subaquatic Vegetation is available as PDF maps, shapefiles (with FGDC metadata) and KML files for use in Google Earth applications.

Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Site [EDAC]

GIS data for Fisheries Habitats and Managed Areas are available in a variety of formats. Maps are available as PDF files. Shapefiles (with FGDC metadata) and KML files for use with Google Earth are also available for some data.

Watershed Site [EDAC]

GIS data outlining the watershed areas that feed into an area of the northern Gulf of Mexico east of the Sabine River and west of the Suwanee River. Watershed information is available as a PDF map, KML files, and shapefiles with associated metadata.