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Winter, 2022 Issue

March 31, 2022

NGI Provides Visiting Scientists to Your Classroom and Lesson Plan Data Base

Visiting Scientists to you Classroom or Organization

The NGI can provide assistance in locating a guest speaker for your classroom or organization meeting to discuss various topics including Coastal Hazards, Geospatial Data Integration and Visualization, Ecosystem Management Climate, and use of UAV/AUVs in the environmental and agricultural sciences.

Lesson Plan Database

NGI along with the INSPIRE program is developing a database of approximately 500 Mississippi Science Curriculum-based lesson plans and assignments for k-12 classrooms. These will be linked to our website in the near future. Click here for Lesson Plans: http://gk12.msstate.edu/lessonplans.html.

For more information, please contact the Education & Outreach Office at EandO@ngi.msstate.edu.