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Patrick J. Fitzpatrick
NGI Affiliated Personnel


Office: SSC
Phone: (228) 688-1157
Alt. Phone: (985) 788-9486

MSU Science and Technology Center
1021 Balch Blvd
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529


Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick is an associate research professor at the Geosystems Research Institute (GRI) at Mississippi State University. Since arriving at GRI in May 2001, his work includes diverse geoscience research including: hurricane intensity and structure research; numerical modeling; data assimilation; severe weather; storm surge research; Gulf Coast sea breeze climatology; wetland studies; oil spill analysis; visualization techniques; and miscellaneous atmospheric science activities.tropical cyclone intensity and structure research; numerical modeling; data assimilation; model validation; severe weather; storm surge; Gulf Coast sea breeze climatology; wetland studies; Deepwater Horizon oil spill; tropical cyclone history; and miscellaneous atmospheric science activities. These interests overlapped a NASA business incubator program at Stennis Space Center which resulted in the commercialization of storm surge and atmospheric modeling products at WorldWinds, Inc., WXWORX, and Barons. He has authored or co-authored peer-review journal articles, encyclopedia articles, book chapters, technical reports, conference preprints, and two books. Fitzpatrick actively participates and presents in 10-20 conferences/workshops annually and volunteered for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency during hurricane threats. He holds positions on the National Hurricane Conference Hurricane History Committee, the STAC Committee on the Coastal Environment for the American Meteorological Society, and the East St. Tammany Parish Storm Protection Committee. He is on the National Hurricane Museum & Science Center advisory panel. In November 2014, Governor Bobby Jindal appointed Fitzpatrick a commissioner to the St. Tammany Levee, Drainage, and Conservation District Board.

Prior to Dr. Fitzpatrick’s appointment at GRI, he was an assistant professor of meteorology at Jackson State University from November 1995 through May 2001. He taught undergraduate meteorology classes of wide-ranging subjects, two undergraduate general science classes on technology, and a UNIX system administration class. He upgraded the computer facilities, and hired students and research associates for research activities on hurricanes and weather modeling.

Other activities include software development of weather, ocean, and storm surge products for television broadcasts, mariners, and insurance companies. He also worked with the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East to examine wind and surge assumptions made in their 100-year surge computations, and provided wind forcing to their surge simulations. He currently is assisting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on surge threats to coastal nuclear plants.

Fitzpatrick earned a B.S. in meteorology at Texas A&M University in 1988, followed by a M.S. in 1992 with a thesis on numerical modeling of hurricane genesis. His doctorate work was performed at Colorado State University from 1992-1995 under Dr. Bill Gray, with a dissertation on satellite applications to predicting hurricane intensity. While a graduate student, Fitzpatrick was employed as a graduate teaching assistant, lab assistant, VAX computer consultant, and weather forecaster for Shell Oil Company.

Fitzpatrick owns a patent for a multivariate statistics graphics package using parallel coordinates. He and Yee Lau have released software with a BSD license for a parametric hurricane wind forcing model in 2014.

For more detailed information on Fitzpatrick’s past and current research activities (including pdf files of publications, posters, and presentations), please visit his personal website at http://www.drfitz.net .

Research Interests

Weather forecasting, hurricanes, numerical modeling, storm surge, oceanography, Gulf Coast climatology


Avid inshore saltwater fisherman

Publications More Pubications

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